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​Sometimes, there is vagueness about whether it is morally permissible (or required) to perform a certain act—moral vagueness. This raises a question: what is the source of moral vagueness? To answer this question, it is standard to assume that, as many hold, we live in a robustly realist moral world—a mind-independent world.

Vagueness & Ethics: Moral Vagueness in a Mind-Independent World is a research project 
that explores some overlooked implications of different accounts of the source of moral vagueness, on the assumption that robust moral realism is true.

Led by Miguel Dos Santos and supervised by Matti Eklund at Uppsala University, Vagueness & Ethics is funded by the European Union through a Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship and, previously, by the Swedish Government through a Vinnova grant.

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